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Pot of Gold Craft for St. Patrick’s Day

Pot of Gold - Rainbow Twirler Craft for St. Patrick's Day from Standard Deviants Accelerate

Alright, here is a fun craft that is great for the coming of spring as well as St. Patrick’s Day! With a colorful rainbow, a fun twisty twirly motion, and a pot of gold at the end!

Pot of Gold Craft for St. Patrick’s Day


  • Plain white paper plate
  • Paint in a rainbow of colors (you could also use markers or crayons)
  • Black and yellow construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • String or yarn


  1. Start by having your child paint (or crayon, or marker) rainbow stripes across the front of the paper plate.
  2. If using paint let it dry. (A hairdryer or fan are great ways to speed up the drying process.)
  3. Flip over and repeat step one on the back of the paper plate.
  4. Once both sides are colored and dry, take scissors and starting at the outside edge of the plate, cut spirals.
  5. Cut out a black pot of gold and glue it to the end of the spiraled plate. Glue some yellow circles on to the front of the black pot for the gold.
  6. Poke a hole in the top of the spiral (the opposite end of the pot of gold) and insert a string for hanging!

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10 Leprechaun Books for St. Patrick’s Day

10 Leprechaun Books for St. Patrick's Day from Standard Deviants Accelerate

While leprechauns might not be the center or reason for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, they are certainly a front and center icon for this holiday. Kids delight in the little impish creatures and their antics. Here is a list of leprechaun books to delight kids of all ages!

10 Leprechaun Books for St. Patrick’s Day

1. How to Catch a LeprechaunYou’ve been planning night and day, and finally you’ve created the perfect trap! Now all you need to do is wait. Is this the year you’ll finally catch the leprechaun? Parents and children will love starting a new St. Patrick’s Day tradition with this engaging and entertaining book!

2. The Night Before St. Patrick’s DayNatasha Wing puts an Irish twist on a Christmas classic. It’s the night before St. Patrick’s Day, and Tim and Maureen are wide awake setting traps to catch a leprechaun! When they wake the next morning to the sound of their dad playing the bagpipes and the smell of their mom cooking green eggs, they’re shocked to find that they’ve actually caught a leprechaun. But will they be able to find his pot of gold? 

3. That’s What Leprechauns DoWhat do leprechauns do? They bury a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, of course. But as Mrs. Bally Bunion’s ox, Miss Maude Murphy’s hen, and Old Jamie soon find out, they can’t resist having a little fun along the way. For, besides burying pots of gold, mischief is what leprechauns do!

4. Jack and the LeprechaunIt’s St. Patrick’s Day, and Jack Mouse is visiting his cousin Sean in Ireland. Sean tells Jack about the myth of leprechauns, and Jack is determined to catch one for himself! Children will delight in learning about Irish folk tales and traditions and the customs of St. Patrick’s Day

5. 10 Lucky LeprechaunsCount from one to ten as one little leprechaun looking for treasure magically becomes ten silly leprechaun friends at the end of the rainbow! A humorous, rhyming celebration of St. Patrick’s Day!

6. The Luckiest St. Patrick’s Day Ever!Share in this leprechaun family’s charming St. Patrick’s Day celebration, complete with a fun parade and an Irish feast!

“The St. Patrick’s Day parade is off to a very fine start.
The Leprechaun family is marching with lots of heart!
Share in their dancing, share in their fun.
You’ll have the luck of the Irish when this day is done!”

7. The Leprechaun’s GoldIn this classic Irish legend, two harpists — merry-hearted Old Pat and ill-spirited Young Tom — set off for a contest to name the finest harpist in all of Ireland. When Young Tom realizes that Old Pat is truly the better musician, he schemes to be the winner — but he doesn’t reckon with the clever trickery of a mischievous little leprechaun.

8. Clever Tom and the LeprechaunThis picture book version of “The Field of Boliauns,” found in several fairy tale collections, is retold simply and effectively by the author/illustrator of Momotaro the Peach Boy. The story concerns Tom, who traps a leprechaun into telling him where his pot of gold is buried under a bush in a field full of yellow-flowered weeds (the boliauns).

9. Too Many LeprechaunsOn St. Patrick’s Day, leprechauns are lucky. But on every other day of the year, they make for noisy neighbors — and they’re turning the entire town of Dingle upside down! Fortunately, Finn O’Finnegan always has a clever plan brewing, and this time, with a little luck of the Irish, it’s a scheme that just might fool even the cleverest of creatures.

10. The Leprechaun Trap: A Family Tradition For Saint Patrick’s DayA children’s book that tells the story of the naughty Leprechaun that comes to visit an Irish-American family every Saint Patrick’s Day and the damage he causes when the children try to trap him and get his gold. 

Other St. Patrick’s Day Fun

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