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5 Ways to Help Kids Express Thankfulness

5 Ways To Help Kids Express Thankfulness from Standard Deviants Accelerate

Ways to Help Kids Express Thankfulness

1. Make a thankful jar.

Throughout the year write things you are thankful for on little slips of paper and put them in. Then pick a day every 6 months or so to read through the slips of paper and celebrate all there is to be thankful for.

2. Make a thankful tree.

Cut some leaves from colored paper and write what you are thankful for on each leaf. Create a paper tree to hang on the wall. This makes a great wall decoration for the month of November and I great way to focus on all the wonderful things in your lives.

3. Help others.

Helping those in need can help bring perspective to our lives. It can help us to see all the things we really do have, and to appreciate them more.

4. Have a poem or saying.

Memorize a poem or saying that promotes gratitude and thankfulness. A little rhyme to recite when you don’t feel to happy or thankful. Below is one example.

I am Thankful

For puppies and horses and birds that have wings,

For penguins and polar bears and all living things.

For mountains and lakes, for water and air.

For Mom and Dad who always show me how much they care.

For the food in my tummy, and my favorite drink.

For red, purple, blue and pink,

For friends and family all around.

For these and so many more….

I am thankful.

 5. Make Homemade Gifts

Making things for others is a great way to show love and appreciation for those around you. Make a list of people in your kid’s lives and why they are so important. Then makes a special gift for each person.

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