3 Ways to Take Your Homeschooling Outdoors

3 Ways to Take Your Homeschooling Outdoors from Standard Deviants Accelerate

As the weather changes and gets nicer, we find ourselves with a real case of cabin fever here. Once spring hits we all just want to be outside. Problem is…we still have work to do.

3 Ways to Take Your Homeschooling Outdoors

1. Get Up & Get Out!

Just pack up your homeschool! If you want to head to a park, we usually have each kid pack a backpack with their supplies, from colored pencils to tablets and I pack a lunch.

You can even just head out into your yard. We have a picnic table in the backyard where the kids will head out with some of their work and maybe a snack or lunch and enjoy the nice weather while they work.

2. Nature Studies

I usually plan to switch to nature study type activities for science when spring hits. Everything from gardening to flower identification, making birdhouse, learning about bees, insects and more. This allows us a ton of life science time and gets us outside too!

Here are some great nature study options:

3. Change Your Schedule

There are two ways in which we have taken to rethinking our schedule to we can get more outside time.

  1. During the winter months we really “hit the books” and work our way through as much of the bull work as we can. This frees up our schedule some when the warmer weather comes so we can get outside more. Allowing for us to take trips to the park and leisurely do some reading, math, etc. outside and then enjoy being outside.
  2. If there are subjects that have stretched out too long, we may just put them aside. After all, how many spelling tests do you really need to take each year!

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