Teaching Government Systems With Gummy Bears


There are many forms of government in the world. Each has its own complex characteristics as well as numerous pros and cons. In this fun (and edible) activity, your child can illustrate each type of government, as well as other related concepts, and then enjoy the tasty fruits of their labor. Here’s how it works:

What you need:

  • Gummy bears in three different colors, ten of each color (yellow, green, and red for example)

What to do:

  • Oppression: Take the all of the green gummy bears and lay them down in a pile. On top of them, stand some red gummy bears. This symbolizes one group putting down and controlling the other.
  • Conflict: Take all of the green gummy bears and stand them up in a line. Across from them make a line of red gummy bears. A conflict pits one group up against another.
  • Revolt: Make a semi-circle of green gummy bears. In the center, lay down a red gummy bear. In a revolt, the leader is overthrown by a group of revolutionaries.
  • Democracy: Make a crowd with green and red gummy bears all mixed together. In a democracy, everyone has an equal voice and works together to form the government.
  • Dictatorship: Make a crowd of green gummy bears facing one direction. In front of them, place a red gummy bear on a platform. In a dictatorship, one leader has complete control of the government.
  • Intervention: Make a crowd of green and red gummy bears. In between them, place yellow gummy bears. The yellow gummy bears represent an outside group coming in to help sort out government problems.

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