Tech it Out – English

One common discussion topic in the edtech world is how individual subjects can be made compatible with the different technologies being incorporated into classrooms. Over the next few weeks we’ll be breaking down different subjects and the options for using technology to its full extent. While the humanities aren’t generally considered to be harmonious with technology, English is one of the easiest subjects to bring technology into. Here are some examples:

  • Collaboration: Google docs is one of the easiest ways to enable your class to work together on brainstorming and peer editing. The ease of being able to have multiple people working on a document at once and being able to see exactly who is writing what is amazing. It’s a little lower tech, but even standard projection onto a whiteboard can make it easier for teachers to annotate documents.
  • Sharing: Blogs are a great way to get your students writing out there. It’s your decision whether to make them public or not, either way works. And this can be done as a class project or on an individual basis. Both ways will give your students a sense of accomplishment. The same goes for ebooks. There are many ways to go about producing an ebook and like blogs, these can be group or individual projects.
  • Research: Whether students are working on literary analysis or any number of writing projects, BYOD and one-to-one devices can make researching a breeze

Got any other ways you use technology to teach English in your classroom? Tell us about them in the comments!