Tech It Out: Math

Last week we covered ways to incorporate technology into an English classroom. This week we’ll be discussing adding a bit of tech into your math classes!

  1. Make it fun: There are hundreds of math apps and games out there that are easy for students to learn and make understanding more difficult concepts entertaining. Not to mention the huge amount of video content out there. From teacher rap battles to cartoons about the quadratic formula, if you look for it you can probably find it.
  2. Make it simple: Drawing apps aren’t just for art class anymore. They can also make it easier for students to work on practice problems. Easy erase functions and the ability to switch colors makes for much more organized and clear work. It can even make it easier to edit and add to student work, and find where they may have gotten off track.
  3. Make it stick: Remembering formulas and methods can be difficult. Edtech can make it easier. Project a particularly difficult problem onto a board or screen, have students do the problem on their own, and then have one of them demonstrate on the board. Have other students dictate each step or even help to correct a single student’s work. Collaboration and active learning will ensure concepts are understood.

How do you incorporate technology into your classroom? Let us know in the comments!