The Best and Easiest Educational Field Trip

easy field trip

What is the best and easiest educational field trip? We bet you can guess. That’s right! It’s a museum trip! Here’s why:

  • Talk about a center for learning. Museums are often specialized, compiling artifacts from specific time periods, places, or art movements. This not only means that you have plenty of topics to choose from, but also that you’re likely to find one your child will be interested in and like.
  • They’ve got people there whose job is literally to teach you about the museum and what it holds. So, take advantage of those tour guides and get a real, knowledgeable perspective on the museum’s offerings.
  • There are museums designed specifically for kids! Take the Exploratorium in San Francisco for example. It’s a science museum designed to be completely interactive (except for their daily dissections of cow eyes, which we’re not sure you’d want to participate in anyway). Most big cities have at least once kid-focused museum, so find your closest one and get to exploring.
  • It can be as big of a deal as you want. Maybe you just want to go see one exhibit, or maybe you’ll make a weekly trip for a while to slowly explore each section of the museum. You can really adjust this to your schedule.

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