The Ultimate Teachers Resources Page

Welcome teachers! You are the professionals that society leans on to prepare our youth to face the challenges of the world and seek innovative and effective solutions.  We know that it is a huge task that requires a dedication, expertise and a lot of resources.  To assist you with the everyday tasks involved in classroom management and developing the skills of our future global stars, we’ve designed this page for your one-stop-resource.

Having access to dynamic and effective teacher resources is essential for every educator.  With the right resources, teachers can easily plan lessons, develop assessment tools, communicate with parents, enrich the curriculum and streamline the workload.  From time-saving templates and educational software to educational stores and using social media, we’ve outlined the all the effective teacher resources for your teacher toolbox.

Save Time with Teacher Templates

There is a wide array of free teacher templates available on the Internet that are printable, modifiable and specialized.  The printable templates can be used for student quizzes, graphic organizers, learning center activities, parent-teacher communication, field-trip forms and much more.  With the modifiable templates, you can customize details like names and dates. The specialized templates focus in on the exact topic or skill that is being taught, such as the Civil War or converting metrics.
At Education World, you’ll find a great selection of assessment templates, graphic organizer templates, mathematics templates, language arts templates and behavioral templates. Microsoft features a wide choice in teacher templates.  You’ll find templates for lesson plans, including objectives and activities along with over 50 Power Point templates for classroom presentations on topics like science and math.  You’ll also find templates for weekly class plans that will help organize the week’s schedule.  Student Handouts offer K-12 templates for graded spreadsheets, lesson plans and student awards.

21st Century Software

Today, educational software is energizing and changing the classroom.  Educational software programs like SD Accelerate are integrating K-12 curriculum with assessment tools, engaging videos, journals and interactive activities to enhance learning outcomes along with providing teachers with all the tools they need for lesson plans, student progress, differentiated instruction and student grades.  In addition to using educational software that aligns with core curriculum standards, many teaching are using software learning games to increase student engagement and achievement.  Studies reveal that software learning games increase student achievement by 20 percent.  This is a relatively impressive figure.

For early learners, Learning Buddies offers software games that integrate phonics, addition and subtraction, sequencing, logic and measurement into the activity.  History games like The Oregon Trail 5th Expedition are ideal for students to develop problem-solving skills, deductive reasoning and strategic thinking skills along with absorbing historical facts and learning major landmarks.  Nickelodeon’s Brain Benders, Puzzles & Activities software games are designed to use both side of the brain for a full workout.  These games help develop critical thinking skills, creativity and problem solving.

Gamification is not only popular and effective at the elementary level, it’s also a popular method with secondary and high school teachers.  It’s My Life, Zeeks and Quiz Hub have educational games that can be played right online or downloaded.  Ology is sponsored by the American Museum of Natural History and has a large amount of science and history games for middle-school students.  At eSchool Online, teachers and students will find interesting games on DNA and specific topics in history and science.  For high schoolers, Free Rice, 20Q and Brain Pop provide learning games to rev up any lesson.  Free Rice features history, foreign language, English and math games.  At Brain Pop, there are games, activity pages and and quizzes for science, technology, health, art, music and math.

Discount Teacher Stores

Getting all of the educational supplies needed for your classroom can quickly add up to a high price tag.  In order to stay within your school’s budget, you can take advantage of discount educational stores online.  At, you’ll find discounted prices of notebooks, pencils, visual aids, classroom boards, games and arts and craft supplies.  With a purchase over $48, shipping is free.  Many educators shop at the teacher store at for up to a 50 percent savings on books, educational software and classroom materials.  You’ll also find school materials for areas like special education and early learning along with K-12.  At Software Express, there are educational software programs from major publishers like Microsoft and Corel for up to a 75 percent discount.  The is another great site for discounts from top manufacturers like Instructional Fair, Steck Vaughn and Carson Dellosa.  The site offers school supplies for preschool, elementary, middle and high school.
Educators can teach in style with the teacher discounts for clothing at Ann Taylor, Loft, The Limited, Banana Republic, New York & Company, J. Crew and J. Jill.  These retail stores offer a 15 to 20 percent discount for teachers.  And the affection for teachers doesn’t stop there. There are other brick-and-mortar stores showing appreciation for educators with discounts, such as Barnes and Noble, Borders, Office Max, A.C. Moore and Joanne Fabric and Craft stores.  Teachers only need to present a teacher identification card.

Social Communities for Teachers

Staying connected with other teachers in the field is a great way to get updated on new methods, collaborate with peers and exchange ideas.  Today, there are many social media platforms where teachers can meet and share the latest news in education in addition to developing new relationships.  Facebook and LinkedIn are social media sites where you create a professional profile, develop a friend’s list and even post classroom updates on assignments. Many teachers meet on these sites to network and share ideas.
There are also educational forums that have a strong community of educators.  The A to Z Teacher Stuff forum has been around since 1997 and has thousands of discussion threads covering a wide assortment of educational topics.  This forum is ideal for elementary and secondary educators and also has sub-forums for music teachers and behavior management. At the Teacher’s Corner, you can learn about new teaching techniques or just hang out and chat with other educators in the global community.  The Educational Forum is an active forum community with a focus on curriculum subjects, educational issues, international projects and educational conferences.  Dave’s ESL forum is another active forum where teachers meet to share concerns and knowledge with their peers from across the world.  This forum includes areas like elementary education, applied linguistics, intensive English programs, adult education and much more.

Free Teacher Resources from Federal Agencies

At, you’ll find more than 1,500 teaching and learning resources from the federal government.  Teachers can even sign up to have new materials delivered by the week. Subject areas covered include history, math, music, language arts, science, social studies and physical education.  Animation, videos, historical documents, photos and lesson plans can be downloaded with the provided links.  This site provides educators with quality information, such as documents from the Library of Congress and space photos from the Science Foundation.  The lesson plans are very complete.  For example, teachers are provided with the primary documents, maps of Indian territory, treaties and videos to teach Native American history.  For the sciences, there is an abundant amount of interactive lessons on biology, geology and atmospheric sciences from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Lessons include educational games, engaging videos, quizzes and teacher ideas to enhance learning.  Many of the teaching programs easily integrate with iPads and laptops.

More Free Teacher Stuff

With all the monetary cutbacks in education, free is always good. Educators will find a wealth of free educational software that is downloadable and educational websites atEducational Freeware.  Students can use the mind maps at Vym to to organize thoughts and ideas in a productive and meaningful manner.  These maps are ideal for research papers, studying and brainstorming.  Teachers can also use the mind maps to present complicated ideas in a way that makes it much easier for students to understand.  There are also free resources in many of the sciences. Biogenesis introduces students to the fascinating world of molecular biology. The program literally simulates an actual microscopic world where living things like unicellular organisms travel, collide, reproduce and die all in front of your eye.  The software program is ideal for the study of evolution, mutation, photosynthesis, respiration and the eco system.  From videos, games and lesson plans, this program has it all.  The eLibrary can be used to catalog all of the books that you want your students to use for class assignments, research and study.  There is also a KidLogger tool that can be used to monitors students’ activity on the classroom computer.  It’s an open source application that can be easily downloaded and installed.  At Education Freeware, you’ll find nifty tools that will enhance learning, help organize your day and keep students engaged in the learning process.

Classroom Management and Behavioral Issues

Let’s face it, in addition to developing lessons plans, assessing student progress and achievement, attending school and district meetings and meeting with parents, both new and seasoned teachers must manage behavior in the classroom.  Even minor behavioral problems can disrupt the flow of the classroom.  At, educators are provided with a collection of professional development resources designed to help manage the daily issues of behavioral problems and techniques for managing the classroom.  Along with down-to-earth-solutions, educators take quizzes to discover their classroom management profile and uncover the discipline approaches that they favor.
Educators are given tips and strategies for setting behavioral goals, how to develop management skills and setting up appropriate consequences.  There is also an extensive archive of educational articles that discuss renowned behavioral scientists, such as Skinner’s model, Jones model, Canter model and Dreikur’s model of discipline.  In-depth articles outlining the role of teachers in the classroom with an emphasis on creating a classroom that focuses on intrinsic and extrinsic rewards provide educators with strategies to use for decreasing behavioral problems.  You’ll also discover how the different types of communication can affect behavior in the classroom.  Proactive, defensive and interactive communications are discussed in relation to effective use for management. is another insightful site with learning programs for educators to understand behavior.  There are learning modules for different types of behavior problems along with the methods for changing behavior.  The site is a systemic framework that also discusses the social structure of bullying and how to address the issue effectively.

Professional Development

Whether you teach at the elementary, middle or high school level, even the most experienced teachers need to keep abreast of the latest teaching methods and issues that can affect their profession.  At, there are open courseware programs for teachers offered by well-respected universities like the University of Michigan and MIT.  Although not credit bearing, these online classes can be helpful for teachers looking to improve student performance and sharpen their teaching skills.  Courses include topics, such as accelerated learning, educational practices and educational technology.
For educators seeking to advance their careers, partners with accredited universities and colleges to provide online classes.  Degree programs are available along with credits for required continuing education classes.  The site is user-friendly, and teachers can select their preferred college. The classes are online for convenience.
Like any other industry, the educational field is constantly evolving.  New laws, best practices, reform and technology are just a few of the factors that propel all of the changes in education. Knowing where to find all of the tools you need to develop lesson plans, stay updated on new methods, purchase materials and continue your teacher learning is essential to staying on top of your game.  Just as they say learning is a lifelong journey, so is teaching.