Time Management for the Busy Homeschool Mom

Time Management for the Busy Homeschool Mom from Standard Deviants Accelerate

Homeschooling is a full time job. Housekeeping is a full time job. Caring for little ones is a full time job. So how do we as homeschool moms, who still have other things in our plates besides homeschooling manage to get it all done?

Time Management for the Busy Homeschool Mom

We are all busy for different reasons. Some may have toddlers under foot, some may be working, some may have teens they are driving all over creation, etc. But whatever the reason, we all have “busy” in common. So what things can we do to alleviate some of the stress? Here are a few things I do or have done to allow me to better manage my time.

1. Group Activities Together

I try to keep our outside activities during the day to only once or twice a week. I try to do things that all of us can do together, rather than an activity for just one person. Not to say that I don’t do things for just one, but I try to limit that so the others aren’t constantly in tow for one of the other kids.

2. Have Kids Help With Chores

I have always included the kids in picking up. From the time they are little I have them do the things they can. If you invest time up front teaching them to do chores and clean up, it will pay up in spades later!

3. Involve Your Husband

As much as possible involve your husband. Even it is only one or two set things that you can count on being done by him. It will free up your plate and your mind for something else. For instance my husband picked up driving our teen to the local community college before he goes to work. While it is slightly out of the way for him, it means I can sleep in and have a little time in the morning before having to pick her up. Where as if I were driving her I would drive there and wait around for her class to be done.

4. Plan Your Meals

While I absolutely dread sitting down to meal plan and make a shopping list, it has not only saved time and stress, but money too. We (my husband and I) sit down once every two weeks and make a meal plan. We look at our calendar and base our meals around the events of each day. Crockpot meals and leftovers for busy days, more elaborate cooking when we are home, etc. Then my husband does one large shopping trip for that 2 week block. This is a big time saver as we aren’t trying to come up with meals at the last minute each day, and he is only shopping once every two weeks.

5. Know That You Will Drop a Ball {And Learn to Be OK With That!)

You will drop a ball. You will forget something or not have time for something. That is ok! {and totally normal} Try dropping things in advance of a big fall so you don’t drop a major ball. This way you can choose what to let go of. Learn to say “no” if your plate is already full.
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