Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft from Standard Deviants Accelerate

My kids have always loved making craft and doing activities that are holiday related, and when there is a great way to show them off, even better! We have loved making and using these toilet paper (or paper towel) roll turkey napkin holders to decorate our holiday table.

Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft


  • empty toilet paper (or paper towel) roll
  • construction paper (orange, yellow, brown, red)
  • wiggle eyes
  • pipe cleaner
  • glue
  • scissors


  1. Cut toilet paper (or paper towel) roll so you have a 2 inch segment
  2. Use the colored construction paper to cut out a handful of different shaped feathers. Each feather should be between one and two inches long.
  3. Lay the roll down on it’s side and glue as many feathers as you would like to one side.
  4. To make the turkey’s head, cut a piece of brown construction paper in the shape of an oval, approximately 2-inches tall by 1-inch wide. Glue it to the toilet paper roll on the opposite side as the feathers.
  5. Glue wiggles eyes onto your turkey’s head.
  6. Cut a beak and waddle our of orange and red construction paper and them in place below the google eyes.
  7. To make feet for your turkey: Start by cutting two 4-inch pieces from an orange pipe cleaner. Fold each pipe cleaner piece into quarters and shape them into a smushed v shape.
  8. Glue the feet to the front edge of the turkey (the bottom of the roll beneath the head).
  9. Set aside and let glue dry.
  10. Add your napkin of choice and place at each table setting to decorate your Thanksgiving table.

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