Ways For Kids to Pay it Forward

4 Ways For Kids to Pay it Forward from Standard Deviants Accelerate

Tis the season of people giving thanks and looking to pay it forward! From the time I was little I looked for things that we could do as family, things that younger kids could participate in too. Having the kids be able to psychically participate has a much more lasting effect than you doing, or donating money yourself.

Ways For Kids to Pay it Forward

1. Ronald McDonald House

I have to thank a friend of mine for this one. She started doing this when her boys were very small. First let me tell you a little about the Ronald McDonald house. The Ronald McDonald house helps sick kids and their families by having a place to stay and food to eat, and so much more!

“Families are stronger when they are together, and their presence helps a sick child heal faster and cope better. While Ronald McDonald House Charities cannot make medicine taste better or take away painful treatments, we can help lessen the burden and ensure families have the stability and resources to keep their child healthy and happy.”

Now let me tell you what you can do! You know the little tabs on the top of your pop cans? You can pop those off and save them and the Ronald McDonald house turns them in to a local aluminium recycling place for money.

We collect all year in a big container, both ours and those of friends and family who help us collect. Then we take them to our local Ronald McDonald house. You can do this with school classes, sports teams, church groups, etc! All the proceed money goes to help sustain the houses.

2. Local Food Bank

Each year we host a food drive in our neighborhood to collect food for the local food bank. We go out with our children and place fliers at all the houses in the neighborhood about a week in advance. Then we head out on the given date to collect all the donations. We then sort them and take it to our local food bank. Our kids have participated in every step of this since our little one was 18 months old (she is 9 now).

3. Animal Shelter

Many animal shelters need donations of food, toys and treats for this animals. It can be fun for kids to get together and put care packages together, make toys, etc for the animals. We know many shelters here that have little stockings for the animals and are always looking for things to fill them!

4. Operation Christmas Child

For Operation Christmas Child you fill a shoe box with necessary toiletries and fun toys for kids around the world. Many don’t have the soap to wash or the toothbrush to brush and no fun toys like stuffed animals, drawing supplies etc. Each year during November shoe boxes are collected. Your child can even track where theirs is going through the website!

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