Ways to Get Back to Homeschool After a Holiday

Ways to Get Back to Homeschool After a Holiday from Standard Deviants Accelerate

One of the things I have always found to be difficult, from the first year I started homeschooling until now, is getting back to homeschool after a holiday break. It is especially difficult to get going again after Christmas because we take 3 weeks off.

Ways to Get Back to Homeschool After a Holiday

With all the years experience I have with this, the common thing I have found is that there isn’t one tried and true method that will always work, and work for everyone. Our kids vary in ages, we are at different stages and different places in life so it is not always the same things the works for me each year, or that will work for you.

Instead I can tell you some things we have tried. Each of these we have found success with, but may have also failed for us at one point in time. By having more tricks in your bag, you will be more equipped to change tactics if you find something isn’t working.

1. Jump in with two feet

I have found that starting in full throttle and super rigid can be a good method because it is like a shock to the system. The drastic change from super fun and easy, lazy sleepy mornings to back in to the swing can help provide the obvious transition and boundaries that are needed after a break.

2. Ease in slowly

This is something we often roll out at the beginning of a new year after our extended summer break. This can make for a more easy and smooth transition, but it can also drag out the inevitable. Using this methods means we will start in with a couple of subjects at first, and wait for the others until maybe the following week. It allows us the time to roll out of the more lenient schedule and into the swing of things again.

3.  Bite Sized Amounts

You can try doing a day or two on and a day or two off. Do a full day on Monday and then take Tuesday off. For me the big problem with this was scheduling. If you have programs that run on a 4 or 5 day week then doing this can mess this rhythm up. A way around this is to take the first week of work after a break and spread it out over 2 weeks.

4. Offer incentives

The kids can often feel like sludge after an extended break. One of the ways I get them moving again is by offering incentives. After Christmas is a great time to do this because they have new toys and things. You can offer up extra play time for children who are well focused and working hard on their school work.

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