Ways To Work From Home While Homeschooling

Ways To Work From Home While Homeschooling from Standard Deviants Accelerate

I recently answered the question, “Can You Homeschool & Work From Home?” The answer is yes you can! Now the question remains what I can a do from home? What jobs can I undertake from home while still homeschooling?

Ways To Work From Home While Homeschooling

First, if you are wondering how you might manage, check out this article on Homeschooling & Working From Home. Beyond that I want to share with you some ideas with you for ways to work form home while homeschooling. These are just a handful of ideas to get you started. Don’t be afraid to tailor something to your own skill set or circumstances. Do what you do best and do naturally as that is when you will have the most success.

  1. Take in other kids – Offering child care services in your home to a handful of kids is a great way to earn extra money. Maybe you have some neighborhood kids before and after school, during school breaks, etc. Or maybe you have a couple of preschool aged tots that you have when they are not in preschool.
  2. Create a laundry or food service – You can help other busy moms by doing their laundry or creating freezer meals for them to use throughout their busy week.
  3. Craft – So many women I know are excellent with their hands. Maybe you are a knitter or a sewer or create some other sort of home decor. You can create at home and sell on sites like Etsy or Ebay.
  4. Buy & Sell – Shop garage sales and thrift stores or even department store clearances for good buys and resell the stuff for profit on sites like Ebay.
  5. Tutor – Are you strong in a certain subject area? Offering tutoring services for both public and homeschooled kids. This would also include teaching a musical instrument.
  6. Blog/Write – I started out by blogging and it turned into something. From ads on my site, to being paid to review items, and then stemming out to writing for others for pay.
  7. Virtual Assistant – Become a VA if you are good with social media. You can help other bloggers and sites with their social media, running their own site, advertising, etc.
  8. Create Curriculum or Other Resources for Homeschoolers – Do you find yourself creating things for your own kids to use? Consider marketing and selling a game, unit study, curriculum etc.

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