How It Works For Homeschool

Included in Your Subscription:

Parent Account
With Standard Deviants Accelerate, home school parents have their own account with special access to:

  • Grade Reports
  • Red Flag Alerts
  • Editable Scoring Rubrics
  • Progress Indicators

Watch this video to learn all about the features available to home school parents!

Student Account
All home school student accounts provide access to:

  • Video lessons
  • Assignments
  • Automatic grading of quizzes and tests
  • A note taking feature
  • A print function
  • The ability to message a parent for help on a specific lesson

Watch this video to see the features available to the home school student!

The Standard Deviants Accelerate online homeschooling program guides students through supplemental core curriculum homeschool courses. Through the clever way our instructional homeschool videos use humor to make difficult topics fun and simple, we are able to keep students attentive and engaged. A well-balanced range of assignments provides homeschoolers with different outlets to demonstrate their understanding.  Make homeschooling more fun with SDAccelerate!

SDA will teach and re-teach, allowing your homeschooler to learn, progress, and then master a subject, requiring little time from parents.

Parents: We want to make life and homeschooling easier for you by saving you time and money. As a condensed supplemental homeschool course, SDA provides instruction covering all necessary topics in each subject through video content, so you don’t have to. Most of the assignments are automatically graded, and you have access to those scores at any time via your parent account. For assignments that are not automatically graded, parent accounts include customizable rubrics that make grading quick and easy. With one subject costing only $24.95/month, SDA is an affordable homeschool curriculum choice.

Feel free to call for questions about multi-user family discounts and co-op rates for these great homeschool courses.

Learn and Review

homeschool courses

  • Video breaks down content and provides in-depth instruction
  • Multiple-choice Quizzes following each video re-teach by replaying clips corresponding to questions that have been answered incorrectly
  • Multiple-choice Tests at the end of each chapter and at the end of the subject continue to check knowledge and are customized according to student’s prior quiz performance
  • Drag and Drop Diagrams test knowledge using a visual component
  • Red flag alerts report low scores to the parent every step of the way


homeschool writing

  • Student is prompted to examine and re-examine the same subject-wide thematic question after each lesson in the Written Answer assignment.
  • Critical thinking questions at end of each chapter are customized according to student’s quiz scores, and prompts student to apply and analyze knowledge


  • Student demonstrates mastery of topics by teaching what they have learned to their parent or peers in a new context in the Group Activity
  • Writing feature in the Final Word at the end of each subject prompts student to synthesize all that they have learned and apply it toward creating a new solution or product

homeschool progress


Make homeschooling even more fun with Standard Deviants Accelerate!