5 Reasons Why You Can Homeschool High School


5 Reasons Why You Can Homeschool High School from Standard Deviants Accelerate

Having been a homeschooling parent for over 10 years now I have been able to part of the process at many stages. I have noticed throughout these years that the number of people who homeschool high school is significantly less than those who homeschool the elementary years.

When you ask around there are a couple of main reasons you hear but fear always seems to be the biggest one. Fear of what? Fear that you aren’t capable? Fear that they will miss out on social events? Fear of being unable to play high school sports?

Today I am here to tell you that YOU CAN HOMESCHOOL HIGH SCHOOL!

Reasons Why You Can Homeschool High School

  1. High School Students are capable of more independent study. As teens they should be taking on more of the burden of their education, and are mentally and emotionally more capable of handling independent work.
  2. There are many curriculum options that do the instruction for you. For subjects you are uncertain about, or feel incapable of offering quality instruction, there are other options. Things like online courses, DVD classes, tutoring, and community college classes.
  3. Local Homeschool Groups typically offer tons of social and educational opportunities. Even for teens, you may be able to find a local homeschool group or organization that plans activities, proms, field trips, volunteer opportunities and more.
  4. Milestones can be created and do not need to be equal! Just because it was a right of passage in public school does not mean you necessarily want that for your child. If you do, you can organize your own prom or graduation if you cannot find an organization in your area that is already doing one. Get a group together who wants these same things and plan it for your kids!
  5. There are lots of community and club sports. If your school does not allow your student to participate in high school sports, that is ok. There are tons of community and club sports they can participate in throughout their teen years. I have one in club swimming (where one of the coaches is the high school varsity coach), one in club gymnastics, and one in club soccer.