You Can Start Homeschooling Mid Year

You Can Start Homeschooling Mid Year from Standard Deviants Accelerate

Often parents find themselves part way through a school year, realizing their kids are miserable and that traditional school might not be the best option anymore. Then they wonder, can we start homeschooling mid year?

Yes, you can start homeschooling mid year. With a little bit of knowledge, some love and patience, you can start homeschooling mid year.

You Can Start Homeschooling Mid Year

When my oldest was beginning first grade I knew she needed out of public school. I was nervous and afraid to pull her out once the year had begun. I wish I had pulled her out instead of waiting to finish the year. For this reason I am here to tell you that you can. I have even helped others through the process of doing so. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you start homeschooling mid year.

Know Your State Regulations – Be sure that you know your state regulations. Each state is different and you want to be sure you are following the homeschool regulations in your state.

Find Support – Seek support online and in your local area. The best medicine for an unsure mom is the support of other moms who have been there themselves.

Leave Time For Deschooling – Deschooling is a process in which you give your child time and space to adjust to being out of traditional school. Homeschool is not public school and kids need time to transition to being home. Allow yourself and your child to just be. Be casual. There is time to work into a homeschooling routine.

Decide On Your Homeschool Method – Take the time to consider what homeschool method is right for you and your child. There are options like traditional/school at home, classical, unschooling, unit studies, Charlotte Mason, and eclectic.

Decide Where To Begin – If your child has been struggling, take the time to step back and get them caught up. If your child is in high school and you are wondering about giving credit, pick up where they left off and give them credit for everything they covered both in school and at home for that year.

Trust Your Instincts – You know your child better than anyone. Trust your instincts when it comes to what to do and how to proceed with them. Homeschooling is a valid option, one that can be a positive and enriching experience for you and your child.

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